The company

Since 1972, DECO MECA is an SMI equipped and organized in response to the current technical and economic requirements of bar turning, mechanics and associated operations.
Our customers are made of principals known at the international level operating in different sectors of the mechanical and metallurgic industry such as : agricultural machinery, tractor manufacture, bearings, hydraulic equipment, transmission, vans, heavy goods vehicles, railway equipment and airport maintenance.
And also of rank 1 subcontractors, suppliers of the references cited above.

We ensure the delivery of products manufactured in full : usable for the assembly line.

Our work experience allowed us to work in cooperation with colleagues whose professionalism is recognized by the main European principals.

We can also deliver our products at once providing the follow-up and delivery time control in different fields such as : the gear teeth cut, the welding of small sets, the heat treatment, the centerless grinding, the internal grinding, the surface grinding, the coatings and the electrolytic protections.

The staff

Twelve employees ensure the manufacture of our products :
-One technical sales manager, methods manager,
-One assistant ensuring the production start-ups and monitoring,
-One foreman working out the production programs,
-One accountant secretary appointed to the follow-up of all
 administrative duties,
-Eight machine operators whose experience is based on a 15 years service on different workstations in our company.

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